Work in Progress #1: Go Away I Like You Too Much

Here’s what I’ve been working on since July 2017. I’m hoping to finish it by July 2018. (Update from 8/1/2018: Not a chance!)

Work in Progress: The Simple Carnival – Go Away I Like You Too Much (2D and 3D versions) #1

This is video #6 out of 10 intended for Smitten 3D. The Smitten 3D project is kind of like my personal Montessori school for filmmaking. There are very specific skills that I set out to learn with each video in this project. Some skills are artistic, while others are technical.

For “Go Away I Like You Too Much,” the original goals were the following:

1. Create a film that has a nonstop, kinetic energy and that is dizzying in a good way. Think Mad Max: Fury Road meets The Cat Came Back.

2. Make it look similar to a 1930s Betty Boop cartoon with rubber hose-like animations, but use Tex Avery-like exaggerations wherever possible.

3. The film should appear to be one continuous take, a la Rope, Russian Ark, and Birdman. Use a moving camera through the sets, providing a point of view that was never present in Betty Boop or Tex Avery cartoons.

4. Build the hardware and develop the software for a virtual camera (like the one used in Rango) for Blender so I can operate a “camera” in real time.

5. Learn character rigging and skinning in Blender.

6. Apply my theoretical knowledge about character animation to an actual animated piece; create real “personality animation.”

7. Model everything in the video myself; don’t utilize free CG model web sites.

8. Ditch my homegrown seven computer render farm and figure out how to render on hundreds of computers at a time using Amazon Web Services.

I hope to go into more detail about some of these topics at a later date. As of right now, I need to get back to animating!

The Simple Carnival at the Mill Valley Film Festival

The Simple Carnival’s “The Problem with Friends” is being screened as part of The 3D Sideshow this weekend (Oct 9 at 12:30 PM) and next weekend (Oct 16 at 11:15 AM) at the Mill Valley Film Festival. If you’re in the area. go! MVFF is an awesome film festival and this should be a really fun program.


See if you can spot some imagery from “The Problem with Friends” in this poster. It took me a moment…

The Problem with Friends wins Best Video at 3D-Con

Woke up this morning to find out that my music video “The Problem with Friends” won Best Video at the 2016 National Stereoscopic Association Convention (3D-Con). A big thanks to Heidi Engel and Chris Belin for their musical contributions on the track. Also, a big thanks to the folks at the National Stereoscopic Association for the honor.

The Simple Carnival – The Problem with Friends (2D and 3D versions)


Smitten 3D screening in Greensburg, PA

I’ll be presenting my music video movie, Smitten 3D, as a work-in-progress at the DV8 Espresso Bar and Gallery in Greensburg, PA this Thursday (April 21, 2016):

There will be two screenings — one at 7 PM and one at 8 PM. Admission is free. I’ll be on hand to introduce the music videos and demonstrate how they were created. While things will be family-friendly, this event is more for teens and adults since we’ll be delving into the specifics of how the videos were made.

If you or someone you know is interested in filmmaking, animation, 3D, or music, this should be a lot of fun. Hope to see you there!